Fat Wednesday…

Day 57:

My dad was in town for a few days on business so I met him up for breakfast at a soba-ya inside Shinagawa Station. I ordered Kitsune Udon.

Just outside the gates was this huge bowl of Donbei. I probably would have jumped in if it were ramen, but since it was soba I refrained.

Then it was off to Takadanobaba to meet up with Nate and Basil at Ganko Ramen but…it was closed until the 7th. We’ll be back.

As we were walking around for a place to sit down and chill, I noticed this soondubu restaurant run by the “Los Angeles Shinsengumi Group.” Haha…awesome!

After snacking on some spicy Thai food, I parted with Nate and Basil then met up with Brian and some friends to go get fat! The name of this ramen shop is 太 (Futo), which is the kanji for fat. It’s a limited time collaboration between Kaikarô and Gen’ei that (I’m sorry to say) ends today. Yup, this was the last day to try it. I’ll let ramenate explain.

The ramen was gravy-like and creamy. The added oil really did make me feel fat but like Brian said, it was “fat-tastic!”

The thick noodles were good, but the pork was the best part. Damn, I can still taste it.

And the staff was cool. Peace!

Later that night, we ended up here.

My friend was back in town and we all proceeded to celebrate the 2nd to last day of the year in style. I think. I can’t remember much. haha.

2 Replies to “Fat Wednesday…”

  1. Haha. LG you are too sweet! You are right about the pumpkin (japanese kabocha) in the fat ramen photo. I'm not sure what the yellow object in the last photo is though. I didn't get a good look. It kinda looks like a banana. Feel free to assault me with anything you like. I can take it! haha.

  2. Okay, so I think I see some slices of pumpkin in the fat ramen photo, and maybe there's a yellow squash type “character” in the last photo next to a lonely shitake & tomato (actually, I have no idea what that “yellow” object is so any clarification would be lovely…is it like nasu?) but anyways, I again feel the urge to stuff like sautéed kale or some form of leafy greens down your throat, because sweet mother of…that is a lot of noodles or rather just a lot of food for just one day, for one person. Then again I'm a caucasian female from Los Angeles…the city, I love it, but it warps my mind some times. So jk on my threat to assault you with…I dunno… spinach or something, because it's new years, so go all out…


    Speaking of lol'ing “I probably would have jumped in if it were ramen, but since it was soba I refrained.”


    Thanks for sharing!


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