The resolutions…

Day 60:

I was supposed to meet my friends in Kanagawa today, but I must have caught the flu bug and didn’t have the energy to get my butt out of bed. I think my body was rejecting all the recent activity as I slept for most of the day only to wake up and eat this cheese bread.

You don’t understand how good this tasted. It’s not easy finding good cheddar cheese in Japan. haha.

Anyway, as I began to write this post, I started to think of what my New Year’s Resolutions would be. There’s definitely the obvious, to continue doing what I am doing by living my dream and expanding the world’s knowledge of ramen. But what else? I suppose it would be nice to find a girl who likes ramen more than I do. Okay, now I’m getting too personal. Let’s just keep it simple. Eat more ramen and drink less beer!

Ow. Head hurts. Going back to sleep now. Goodnight!

One Reply to “The resolutions…”

  1. Yeah cheese and decent Mexican food…personal tangent I know, but best of luck on all those resolutions.

    I mean, the world would be such a better place if it only had more ramen in it & first hand info on it…

    Thanks for sharing!


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