Back to work for the new year…

Day 64:

Ivan Ramen will be back open tomorrow, so today was spent prepping everything for the upcoming week. It was good to be back, but I’m not gonna lie…I probably could have used another day.

Anyhow, I often walk through Okinawa Town on my way home and I wanted to share with you these cool chalk drawings that I sometimes see in front of the market. I’m not sure who draws them but the kids must love it. Shimajiro!

This was the one from last week. Pretty cool, huh?

Big day tomorrow so I’m gonna rest now. The first day of work last year holds the current record for customers on a weekday. Let’s see if we can break it!

One Reply to “Back to work for the new year…”

  1. 8 hr mis en place prep…good times. Best of luck of the first day back and thanks for sharing the fun pictures.


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