Go Clips!!

Day 65:

I just got home from work to learn that the Clippers beat the Lakers. Sweet! Yes, if you haven’t heard I am a huge Clippers fan.

Anyway, nothing else really happened today. Work wasn’t too busy but it was still fun to get back into the groove of things. Ivan made us a new prototype ramen that was nice and creamy. Hopefully after a few more tests it’ll make the “specials” menu. And since I promised at least one pic a day, here is where I park my bike everyday.

Speaking of clips, I need a haircut.

One Reply to “Go Clips!!”

  1. I was practically skipping with glee when I heard this. Granted I'm not a Clipper's fan nor do I really even care for basketball in general, but I must say I vehemently LOATH the neanderthals roaming my beloved city with those stupid purple flags on their cars….ughh

    IE loud brash and disrespectful Lakers fans.

    Case in point : http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blog/2009/06/lakers-celebrations.html

    It's mean it's LA not Manchester…so this news was a early birthday present I must say…but sweetness on the prototype ramen & thanks for sharing!

    but more importantly thank you for not being a laker fan…lol


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