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Day 66:

Bassanova!! A week without Bassanova felt like a year. I’m glad they’re back open! I had a runny nose all day, which made work feel like a struggle so I really, really needed some comfort. Today I ordered the regular tsukemen with extra meat.

If this doesn’t make you drool then you are not human.

I tasted lime in the tsukedare. This is actually some pretty amazing s***! I mean, the tonkotsu and fish blend is eye-opening to say the least. Don’t forget to ask for soup wari when you finish the noodles!

My timing could not have been better. Shortly after I received my tsukemen they ended up running out of soup.

I can sleep peacefully now. Goodnight.

4 Replies to “Back to…”

  1. it's just you. haha. you nailed it with the soup wari. tsukemen soup is usually thicker than ramen so you can ask for soup wari to dilute it before you drink it.

  2. Is it just me or is it every time I read one of your entries on B.N, I think of that LMFAO song and then it gets stuck in my head…for days. Meah on that, but lime…that sounds so lovely!

    (I don't know if you're seeing a pattern, but I do love my acid in food, hehe)

    Errr…I do have one lil' noob question for you. When you say “soup wari” what exactly are you describing or have I just massively failed to find the def in your archives? (you know, within the labyrinth of info here) I've sampled some yummy wari joyu, but that was with homemade tofu…is it like broth you add to the leftover tsukedare to make soup or am I just way off base?

    I probably am, but thank you so much for writing again and yes me and my old flat-mates are all just drooling with envy over the pics.


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