The girls are back!

Day 67:

I was more sick today than yesterday and could barely stay on my feet by the time we closed up shop, but when I got home I got to see these smiling faces and they brightened up my night in a flash. It’s been over three weeks since I saw them last. Welcome home girls. And bro and sis-in-law too.

I also walked in to my first home-cooked meal in what seems like ages. My sis-in-law cooked this delicious chanko nabe. Mmm いただきま~す。


One Reply to “The girls are back!”

  1. So adorable!!! I love how the tiny plushy tiger is discarded to the background in lieu of doting uncle with shinny camera…just too cute!

    The nabe looks divine. You're are too lucky Keizo….

    But fyi, Maki of recently posted a recipe for Nanakusagayu. Add a hanjuku egg and it might be a nice change from dare I say it, noodles and broth

    ::ducks to avoid flying objects::

    In my defense, I made some for my overworked and sickly owner and now he's haranguing my poor chef to put it on the menu asap. Which is ridiculous because “we're” a french m.g establishment, so that's so not going to happen. Yet it gave him “bonne santé” without the uncomfortable methods from his country, so understandably he was a bit overly enthusiastic, but it was super yummy thou. So five leafy greens and rice a shot…the internet “mom” demands it, jk!


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