Year-end gifts (歳暮)

Day 68:

Seibo (歳暮) are year-end gifts that people send each other as a custom in Japan. We’ve received a lot at Ivan Ramen but this one has to be the best so far.

I was still pretty sick today and I started to lose my voice towards the end of work. My body feels a bit better, but I’m still better off not picking up one of these cans of beer. Speaking of beer, Jay2Dee2 stopped by Ivan’s today to say hello and enjoy a good bowl. He writes a blog called Odakyu Beacon which is about my two favorite things–ramen and beer! Check it out when you get a chance.

One Reply to “Year-end gifts (歳暮)”

  1. IMO, I find that those cliché 750 ml bottles avec the corresponding “branded” glasses in a see-through plastic box quite common. Well as gifts during Christmas, it's an old standby for some gift givers…and coincidentally (and sort of unfortunately), I receive far too many of these said gifts sets each year, albeit with different brands of gin. And I know it's one of those go-to gift for all those “drinkers” out there in your life, so like I “get” it even if I find another fifth of booze monotonous at best.

    I digress…

    But a 12 pack gifted in that same “spirt” yet different fashion? I had no clue they existed. Well, knowledge is power right? I like it infinitely better than the hard liquor gift sets. You could wrap it and fool the receiver into thinking it's a tacky Christmas sweeter; which is kinda awesome. hehe…sorry to hear about your voice too.

    & Thanks for the blog highlight. It's something on my list to look into.


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