Sapporo Comfort…Kotteri Shoyu Style!

Day 69:

Today was a strange day. I think tensions were running rampant throughout the air for relatively no reason at all. Well there may have been a reason, but it was just fricken strange. Culture clash maybe? Anyway, I needed some comfort and I knew just where I wanted to go. Ramen Tetsuya hails from Sapporo but oddly enough their specialty is not Miso–it’s Shoyu! Kotteri Shoyu!

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Sapporo-style noodles in a hot kotteri shoyu soup with moist mouth-watering chashu and a luscious hanjuku egg. F*** yeah!!

The most beautiful girl came into work today. She was visiting from New York and had heard of Ivan Ramen from a friend. Damn, I wish I could have got her number. Anyway, back to the beauty at hand. Isn’t this egg just mesmerizing?

Basil also came into Ivan’s today to say his last goodbye before heading home. Have a safe flight homie. We had some good times raising the roof! haha.

So yeah, this was a great bowl and a fitting end to a strange fricken day. Happy Seijin No Hi to all you 20-year-olds out there. Enjoy it while you can!

P.S. I’m finally over my cold…I think…

8 Replies to “Sapporo Comfort…Kotteri Shoyu Style!”

  1. @Michael: Thanks! My mind and heart are wide open!

    @LG: Thanks! I love reading your comments!

    @Dennis: Manbou-tei? I have not been but I'll add it to the list. Thanks dude! How have you been? Anything changed in SD?

  2. Hi Keizo, I just watched a Japanese show that mentioned the shoyu ramen at Manbou-tei (まんぼう亭) in Koganei. Have you been? Curious to hear what you think. Anyway, looks like you found a great remedy for your strange day. 🙂

  3. Truly a lovely last paragraph by Micheal you got there. Sorry to hear about your kitchen troubles…your ongoing health issues…and yes, the lack of digits in your cell, but it will all sort it's self out. Well I hope it does…

    ::crosses fingers::

    I gotta say though, that my first thought was well, just worrying/hoping that “your” food (individually and Ivan's as a brand) was consistent all across the board, all throughout service. When the heart's mojo get's off kiter, it's proves problematic at times…IMO anyways. And I know that for me, that's the line in the sand so to speak. A kitchen is essentially a family and all family units have their squabbles here and there, yet above everything, never EVER compromise your food with bad vibes.

    My co-worker is poking me as I type, to give my famous line of “Dig deep, shut the —- up and handle your shit.” I am oh so eloquent when riled in the BOH. I doubt it was that serious but it's my motto during crisis. If you can, after work with an open mind and a glass of rye (a habit from my first chef, but choose any type that suits your fancy), and try work it out and then just let it all become a distant memory.

    My management philosophy anyway.

    ::sighs:: Best of luck to you Keizo. You and your damn Sapporo noodles…lucky bastard. If all fails, go have some more popcorn with your two nieces and smile because in the end, that's what really matters.


  4. Two of the best things I read about working/living in Japan ~ I'm paraphrasing here…

    1. In Japan, things are 95% the same and 95% different than in America.

    2. In Japan, quite often something that you recognize, that looks exactly the same as in America, is happening for reasons that are totally different than would be the case in America.

    Culture clash is inevitable in the land of the rising ramen, but conflict and unahppiness are not. Keep an open mind and open heart, you'll do fine.

    Michael L

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