3 Replies to “Relax yourself…”

  1. @fvalenciano: Wow, all the way from Spain? Cool. Thanks for tuning in!

    @LG: Haha you crack me up. Anyway, it's complicated. lol.

  2. I see TCQ…

    I think: “Awesome…see this is the reason why I read this”

    And then you bust out “Lo Key” with regards to a late night ramen special…or about your day???

    I think that's a TMI…

    Like I hope you don't spank your ramen when you…thank it???? I forgot how umm, “cheesetastic” that one was…granted I think I was in 1st grade when it came out but I remember the older girls in my dance studio doing…like a modern lyrical routine to it…but yeah wow…

    you went there…I'm not sure I can type my usual of “thank you for sharing”

    bwaha….lol, but yeah cheers to Tribe lovers Keizo…


  3. I'm followin ur blog on rss since few weeks ago.
    I love ramen too and it's great to learn from ur knowledge and experiences…
    Wish I knew when I was living in Tokyo, sh-t!

    Well, Electric Relaxation is (maybe) my favourite rap song, it was great to find a reference…

    Cheers from Spain!

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