The day that disappeared…

Day 71:

Today was my day off and I had taken tons of cool pics from shadows riding the Seibu Line to a pizza place straight from Italy to a place that even serves “passionated ramen.” But they were all lost when my memory card crashed. All except for this one of Ganko Ittetsu’s storefront. Perhaps it is fate that this mediocre ramen won’t get its day in the light.

I’m still bummed about the rest of the pics though. Oh well…

4 Replies to “The day that disappeared…”

  1. @LG: I guess the owner went to train in Italy and the pizza is supposed to be legit. Will have to check it out someday.

    @Anonymouses: Thanks for the recovery recs!

  2. You should try using memory card recovery software to get the pictures back. Sometimes it's a simple problem to fix.

  3. Sorry to hear about your memory card, but still, what's worse? That or the report/eating of ho-hum ramen. Both unfortunate IMO. I am curious though about one thing. When you say “straight from Italia” do you mean a chain from my homeland or a establishment started by say an ex-pat or something?

    Last time I checked (ie ate) over in your “hood”, my people's cuisine was a hot mess of american bastardization or some hybrid yōshoku fusion things…only reason why I ask…not that that's bad. Just not real authentic regional food…just saying…

    But thanks for trying to share anyway Keizo!


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