Instantized Ramen…

Day 72:

It’s pretty amazing how far along instant ramen has come. I got hungry on my way home from work tonight and decided to pick up the instant version of Keisuke’s Shrimp Ramen. I have yet to visit the actual shop in Baba, but it’s next on my list.

Just add water and wait 4 minutes

Once again, it’s amazing how far instant ramen has come. Consider this late night craving satisfied.

Afterward, I snacked on some mayo cheese potato pringles. Yup, from pizza to hot dogs to pringles the Japanese love mayo and will put it on anything. Although I have yet to see it on ramen…please don’t.

There will be a new special ramen on the menu at Ivan Ramen tomorrow. I’ll post more info later, but feel free to come in and check it out!

7 Replies to “Instantized Ramen…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Did that Instant Ramen come with Chashu?! (O_o) Or did you add that yourself? 🙂

    I agree about Mayo Ramen: Please don't. 😛

  2. @Anonymous: Yeah I gotta hit up that Tokyo ramen street soon!

    @LG: Tell your dad to skip the pringles. They tasted like crap.

    @PudgyM29: I have not seen that brand. Let me know how it is!

    @edjusted: paprika-flavored pringles? haven't seen it yet. i agree, ramen flavored would be nice.

  3. Hey, is there paprika-flavored pringles in Japan? I came across that in Europe a few years ago and it's the *best* flavor!

    …hmm…ramen-flavored pringles…that just popped in my head…

  4. Let's see. What did I find at “Bargains In A Box” on N. Central Ave here in Chicago (U.S.A.)? An out-of-code [October/5/2009] cup labelled Panda Noodle™ Jumbo Cup Beef flavor. 2.46 oz | 70 g It was 50¢.
    It has a chili mix. It actually recommends putting it in the microwave for four minutes. Otherwise, add boiling water and let it sit five minutes. {This is the method by which I have cups of ramen.}
    I'm trying to see from where it is. It is made in China. It is licensed and distributed by One Up International, Inc.; Arcadia, CA. 91006
    I am going to consume this one of these days soon. The Bargains shop had a medium amount of these left. So if they're still tasty, I would be willing to go get more.
    Have you ever seen this brand?

  5. Wow…I don't know whether to be massively disgusted by the Pringles or to have my dad get a trip to Narita, have him bring them back, ground them up, use the “dust” to mix in with homemade dough and convection it for a new form of “panko”, and then use it as a breadcrumb on some undetermined protein so I can sauté it in butter.

    hmmm…I have a sick mind…but my other thought is “agh you're eating like my brother.” Please tell me that there were like a side of veggies and a piece of fruit that you didn't photograph, yes? And no the dyhydrated spring onions don't count…lol


  6. I think they have a branch in Tokyo station now, ichiban street or something… had it today, rather nice. But visiting the shop at baba would be special.

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