Day 74:

I used to walk by Sababa and their Technical Tan Tan Men sign everyday on my way to work, always wondering if I should give them a try. Then one day I got a huge craving for tan tan men and Sababa was all I could think about. But when I got there they were closed and then proceeded to be closed for the next three weeks. I assumed that they were going to be closed forever, but a few days ago I noticed the shutters were raised and the lights were on like they never skipped a beat. Perhaps the head chef cut off his finger and needed the three weeks to recover…okay bad joke.

Anyhow, I decided to finally stop by tonight after work. I ordered the Pa~ko~ Ramen, which is their “Technical” Tan Tan Men topped with fried pork. Supposedly it’s the third most popular item on the menu. The first was a soupless creation and I wasn’t really in the mood for it.

As you can tell from the title, I thought the ramen was basically blah. The bowls were cool and the presentation was nice but…

The tan tan flavor was avg and the fried pork must have been soaked in vinegar way too long.

The noodles were also like something you can find in LA. I’ll let you be the judge of that statement.

The highlight [or should I say hero] of the night was this old-fashioned green tea donut from Mister Donut. I think I’ll get another one in the am!

My pinky is doing much better now. Thanks for all the well-wishes! I might even be able to take a shower tonight. hahaha…

3 Replies to “Sababa…blah…”

  1. All the joints along 1st might just go and blacklist your ass for your smack talking…you better check your self before you……. meah….you're right. “Most” of our noodles lack soul and speaking of soul or rather the soulless; why on earth would you want to eat anything labeled as technical? If you're like not in Cala Montjoi, Bray or Yountville etc etc?

    That and the processed donut…pour k K?

    {BTW what is it that detonates in the dish it's “technical” status?}

    Loved your title though…semi alliteration is love!

    Thanks for sharing too…


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