Day 75:

As I was riding my bike to the train station this morning, I looked up and saw a clear view of Mt. Fuji. Being able to see it from the city was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

We had a steady flow of customers come in today and I’m getting used to being able to do everything minus my little finger (is it pinky or pinkie?). Anyway, I planned on eating at Jiraigen tonight since they are doing miso ramen everyday for the next two weeks because bossman is at the Odaiba Ramen Park. But…they closed just as I arrived. So then I thought it would be nice to roam around Suginami-ku while listening to Robert Miles.

I took the subway to Higashi-Koenji thinking I could find someplace good to eat. And that’s when I walked by Foo Foo Ramen…and kept walking. Haha. It didn’t look very good, but I thought I’d just take a pic to show Murakami-san.

As I kept walking, I came across this ramen shop with its name blacked out. It looked super old school with just five seats, but still…I kept walking.

And that’s when I found Miso Ippatsu. It’s not a well-known shop but I was in the mood for miso and their Miso Tanmen looked delicious.

I sat down, ordered, and the two old guys got down to business. You can customize your bowl to your liking too. That’s basically what the sign says.

I ordered mine with extra veggies at no extra charge. Now this was miso tanmen! A mound of sizzling hot veggies piled on top of some authentic miso-based soup. It instantly made me feel like I was in Sapporo again.

Just look at the steam rising. This is how ramen should warm your soul. It doesn’t have to be considered the best in town. It just has to be the best at satisfying your current mood. Ahh…that’s what I love about ramen!


Even the egg doesn’t always have to be hanjuku. There’s nothing wrong with a good hard-boiled egg that’s deeply marinated.

Welcome to my dreamland…

3 Replies to “Dreamland…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Nice! You've been on a Miso kick lately (er, these last few posts :). What happened to your supreme love of Shoyu? 🙂

  2. Third pic from the bottom is rather lovely. Congrats on eating your veggies, listening to Swiss DJs hailing from my “hood”, and working with a bum pinky….pinkie is for the Scots…unless your part Scottish like that one Skittles commercial, well then by all means.

    Nice Dreamland thou & thanks for sharing!


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