Winter Chicken Ramen at Ivan Ramen is here!

Day 76:

It’s been a few days since Ivan rolled out this special ramen for the winter and it keeps getting better each day. Today I was lucky enough to get some pics to share with all of you. Here’s how he describes it on his blog:

“The first new special ramen of 2010 is ready for consumption! It’s a creamy chicken soup with rye noodles, chicken chashuu, spinach and a really nice yuzu finish. It’s just the thing to warm you up during the coldest days of Tokyo winter. Please come in and give it a try!”

Sorry Ivan, but that paragraph does not do it justice. I didn’t really get a good taste until today and that first taste was like heaven. The soup is a puree of caramelized onions, fresh apples, satoimo (Japanese taro), and a couple of other secret ingredients with a white shoyu base. With the first sip, you’ll definitely feel how perfect it is for winter. The creamy, light soup with a hint of sweetness warms your heart as it passes by.

Topped with chicken, spinach, and Tokyo negi, I guarantee that you won’t find anything like this anywhere else. The chicken is rubbed with yuzu and left marinating overnight then cooked in a light garlic oil/seabura mix and seasoned with salt and pepper. This chicken is worth trying alone, but now imagine it in the soup above.

And who could forget the noodles. It’s a new recipe containing rye flour made specifically for this special ramen. The texture is perfect and the way it lifts the soup into your mouth is beyond describable.

We only serve 15 bowls per day for who knows how long and at 1000 yen it’s a steal! So come in and try it out asap!!

8 Replies to “Winter Chicken Ramen at Ivan Ramen is here!”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Darn it!!! 😦 I've already wanted to go to Ivan Ramen, and now this Winter Special… sigh. 😉 Thanks for the great thoughts on this dish.

  2. Surely the broth must also include a chicken based stock of some kind, or are we talking all vegetables? Looks delicious!

  3. @Brian: my thoughts exactly.

    @Auryon: Sorry to hear it's not that great, but when you say here where is here? Thanks for the comment!

    @Nate: It should be around for a couple more weeks maybe more.

    @LG: They're fuji apples. Do i need to say more? 😉

  4. OMGWTFBBQ….The broth sounds amazing! Noodles, chicken…I'm sure it's all lovely, but I want to try the broth….badly….like looking at airline loads kind of bad.

    One question? When you say fresh apples, what exactly are you talking about? And if you can't give me at least a name, perhaps a color; red, green hell even yellow?

    man I'm jealous…and now hungry.

    Thanks for inspiring too


  5. oh fuzz! i want to go to there. i guess i better get there early someday soon…think youll still be serving this coming week?

  6. OMG that looks AMAZING! I wish there were places that served ramen like that here, all we have is the instant stuff. Needless to say, it's not that great. =(

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