Where does it end?

Day 77:

The other day, my brother asked me if I knew where this dream will end.

I told him I don’t know.

It may end here.

Or even here.

But if things were to go my way…the dream will never end. And someday you will be my witness. Thank you. I will elaborate some more in due time. Peace.

5 Replies to “Where does it end?”

  1. @Daizo: It's the fish-based shoyu ramen from Jiraigen. Yum!

    @Michael: lol. I'll have to remember that the next time!

    @keri: Thank you. you're too sweet. but please stop hitting me. 😉

    @LG: Someday…

  2. Open up your own shop…but like back in the states…

    we need it…

    Or at least I hope it ends with you opening your own ramen-ya should it suit your fancy…either way your journey is amazing IMO. Good luck, keep cooking!


  3. posting pictures of food i cannot access makes me want to hit you a little. and then i think, there's no better place for you at this moment, than right where you are.
    but, i still want to hit you a little. 😉

  4. I would have told him this:

    “In a dark alley in Shibuya, with a pistol in one hand, and sexy girl in the other, and a voice-over fading to the siren song of a J-Pop phenom.”

    “Ramen ~ The Last Stand”

    Coming soon to a theater near you.

    The ramen looks outstanding too; what is it?

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