The temple of apples…

Day 78:

Brian called and asked if I would meet him at Apple Basic for lunch on my day off. I said hell ya, but then remembered Apple Basic serves tsukemen and is only open at night. No worries, during the day Apple Basic turns into a miso ramen joint called Misoya Ringodou (みそや林檎堂). And so we were off!

Naturally, I ordered the miso ramen and added a free-range (地鶏) hanjuku tamago.

The miso had plenty of flavor and was really dense. It almost seemed like I was eating tsukemen in ramen form. It was very good, but I don’t think I can eat this ramen on a regular basis. I noticed something crunchy in the soup too. I’m not sure what it was. Perhaps squid legs?

The free-range hanjuku egg was definitely a highlight.

Best I’ve ever had? No. But I liked the way it oooozed.

The teaspoon of spicy sauce (Brian pointed out that it was Sriracha) gave it a nice kick, but I felt it needed a bit more. The noodles reminded me of what Bassanova uses in their green curry ramen. No complaints there.

All in all, I don’t think I’ll ever come back. Brian seemed too agree. This ramen was just “Underground Too Mach.” Whatever that means…

Afterwards, I met up with a friend to go apt hunting. Yup, that’s right. I’m looking to move out of my bro’s place and find a space of my own. Anyway, I couldn’t find anything nice and since we were in Medaimae, my friend was hungry for some Ippudo. I skipped on the ramen and just ordered this Chashu Mabushi Gohan. Not bad.

Then it was off to the Hub to spend our Hub cash. Free drinks are always nice! I also met my future wife, but you’ll have to get me drunk to explain. haha.

Somehow I don’t remember much of this part, but apparently I ate a kebab and snapped this picture.

And luckily, I caught the very last train of the night. That was a great day off.

3 Replies to “The temple of apples…”

  1. ::chuckles::

    Somehow I don't remember much of this part, but apparently I ate a kebab and snapped this picture.

    famous last words, or at least they could be…

    Thanks for the giggles and good luck on your apartment hunt too!


  2. dudes, im sorry you guys didnt dig on the ringo-do. i hellllla liked that mega thickness. id even maybe put it in my top 5 miso bowls, top 3 if it wasnt for tsujita! i think the hot sauce is sriracha mixed with something else, its a bit spicier and not quite as sweet as sriracha, if i remember. i think the noodles are the pretty standard “thick noodles for thick soup” model from mikawaya seimen. doggs i ate some crazy ramyun in korea – the noodles are all out of the package, but they know how to trick a mother out! but i am ready for the real stuff when i get back!

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