I ride alone…

Day 79:

Not much to write about today. It was like the quiet after the storm. Work was smooth and trance-like and time seemed to pass by quickly. This is my train I take home every night. Because it runs towards Tokyo it’s usually pretty empty, which is nice.

Btw, this is the Keio Line local train after 11pm.

8 Replies to “I ride alone…”

  1. @Seneschal: It's clean but not super clean. I'm pretty sure they all have ac now. at least in tokyo.

    @Mononoke Kitchen: Yeah, the late night train going into tokyo is always empty.

    @kamisama03: Hashimoto eh? That is close.

    @Auryon: lol!

    @Brian: are you sure it isn't more than 32%? haha i'll take ur word for it.

    @PudgyM29: yes it is.

    @LG: hahaha

  2. Well, it is a well known fact that lavender based industrial fabric threaded with fuchsia hides puke stains better than any other color combo…I digress; empty trains = great trains. Ones packed with people, drunks and a vagrant or too…meah not so nice.

    Learned that lesson with a stop into Hollywood yesterday for a farmers market on the red line…the nice and shiny gold line spoils me so.

    Thanks for sharing…


  3. A nice looking train.
    Kamisama03, select Keio Line trains to | from Hashimoto are through-routed onto the Toei Shinjuku subway line.
    61.6 km, ¥790 from Motoyawata to Hashimoto. (75'- Express)

  4. Keio line into Tokyo at night…empty.

    Keio line out of Tokyo at night… 32% chance of being vomited on. This is based on personal data that I collected.

  5. Lavender seats! That's cool! And it's so clean compared to my city's train. It's the kinda stuff you see in horror movies. O_O

  6. Keio line huh? My moms from Hashimoto, so that's pretty close. Only if I can get enough days off to go visit Japan….

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