Friday nights…

Day 80:

Although you’re likely to run into a few drunks while roaming the streets of Tokyo on any given night, they seem to multiply every Friday on my way home from work. From dudes kicking walls for no reason and yelling at street signs to the countless number of puke puddles I have to dodge on my bike. It’s really quite amusing. Anyway, I just thought I’d share that thought. Here, have some katsudon.

5 Replies to “Friday nights…”

  1. @Clark: Nice!

    @paul: i thought that was another sick joke but then i remembered she made us katsudon after fishing that one day. yeah, that was good!

    @LG: That's the norm here in tokyo. haha.

    @Smokeydoke: You have no idea! And yes. Long live beer!

  2. The bf was amazed at how much Japanese people like to drink… you'd think from the stress, smoking and drinking they keel over at a young age… but not so. Maybe we have it wrong, maybe we need to drink more beer. Long live beer!

  3. Oh why thank you, but at least the drunkards are yelling/kicking/acting appalling towards inanimate objects over their fellow human beings. Although, bobbing and weaving for puke puddles is that last thing one needs after a shift.

    Your food looks lovely lovely as usual and thank you for sharing!


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