A clear day…

Day 82:

My cousin’s live finished well after midnight as I expected and the last train was long gone by the time we left the club. I could have taken a taxi home, but my friend who I brought with me lives in Chiba and a taxi ride for her would have been way too expensive. So rather than leave her roaming the unfamiliar streets of Tokyo alone, we decided to hang out at a Manga Kissa (aka Internet Cafe) where I was surprisingly able to get a few hours of sleep before getting up to go to work at 9am. The morning was rough, but it was such a beautiful, clear day that I soon forgot how tired I was. I was even able to snap a picture of Mt. Fuji from my train. A wonderful sight indeed!

When I finally got home from a long day of work, I was greeted by two cases of Miller Light. My brother had bought them from the military base earlier in the day and man was I ready for a drink. I never thought I’d say this, but it felt nice to drink American beer for a change. I thought about going to eat a bowl of ramen, but I passed out on the couch within minutes of sitting down.

2 Replies to “A clear day…”

  1. Picture: awesome…miller light: bad.

    IMO at least, feel free to disagree but what a very cool thing to do for your friend too.

    Have fun napping, sleeping, rejuvenating!


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