The temple of money…

Day 83:

Hmm…the temple of money sounds better than the temple of apples. Maybe I should live in Koenji. Anyway, I visited a ramen shop called Menya Enji (en meaning money and ji meaning temple) to treat myself after getting my stitches out in the morning. By the way, the pinky is healing just fine.

Enji has been on my list for quite some time because it is close by and they serve a vegetable potage tsukemen that has been getting some rave reviews lately. Nate’s been there, but he ordered the wrong thing and still thought it was tasty.

The noodles are a bit darker than usual which leads me to believe that they use some type of whole wheat flour mixed with regular flour. But that’s all speculation so don’t quote me on it. haha. They had good bite and on this cold day I definitely went with atsumori. (p.s. the noodles took 6 minutes to cook,)

The soup is a triple mix of tonkotsu, gyoukai (fish blend), and a vegetable potage made with mountain potatoes. It’s not extremely thick, but it’s smooth and scintillating.

Seriously, this has to be one of the best tsukemen’s I’ve had in awhile. It’s hard to explain, but the fish was not overbearing due to the potage and the tonkotsu didn’t feel greasy either. I was extremely satisfied with this bowl. Even the self serve soup wari kept the aromas and flavors intact. Impressive!

Afterward, I hung out in the nearby Sanshi-no-mori park where I found two young aspiring comedians practicing their Manzai act into the loud waterfall. It was nice to see others working hard in pursuit of their dreams.

One more night of work, then two days off!!

4 Replies to “The temple of money…”

  1. That bowl looks f-ing amazing. In fact I saw it and alone in my room, I said “f-ing bananas” (but don't tell anyone, they'll think I'm a Rachel Zoe wannabe or something) But from your description, the ingredients just scream (IMO) late fall/winter dish. It just sounds so intriguing…is it seasonal or do they maybe change up the components in the “potage” as the seasons change…and the more I think about it, the more I want to know. Because when you say potage, that gives me a nasty connotation… are you saying it's like a bunch of veggies that tastes like potatoes because it's been melding together for so long…or is it like a puree but their calling it a potage aka abstract master stock meets different puree/pastes…because really, eww potages = bad stuff. And yes I know that with sanitation, evolution and knowledge, they've developed into really amazing forms of flavors, but I really can't wrap my head around why anyone in today's age, wanting to use the term potage on the menu…

    I really want to stop typing that damn word, so I'll stop speculating now…

    But still, see this is why state side ramen always leaves me bored out of my mind. It's like shoyu, miso, or salt…or from a cup. I mean is there some sort of embargo on creativity here? Is it not acceptable to want to try to be inventive and try different ideas out; to spark the attention of your would be guests and ensnare them with your precision, ingenuity and prowess, all for the sake of trying to change the face of ramen for those who only know of it in the lowest form of it all; bulk…from costco…


    ::then slams head against keyboard::

    pretty waterfall too…


    [forgive my tirade, it's been a long day…]

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