Slayed by the field warrior…

Day 85:

It’s Wednesday. My day off and the day we usually meet for ramen. Nate was back from Korea so we called up Brian and all met in Koenji. Nate and I found Tabushi (which could mean field warrior) while browsing the ramen database ranking for Suginami-ku. After a few minutes of roaming around the crowded streets and passing right on by, we finally found it.

Brian and I soon had our eyes glued on the picture of the Black Tan Tan Men out front. We immediately decided that THAT was what we were getting.

One sip and I was slayed by its spicy smoothness that ripped my tongue with flavor. This was definitely a great find!

The noodles were a bit overcooked, but that could have been my fault for being the noodle paparazzi that I am. This was a satisfying tan tan men.

I’ve been really craving gyoza lately so it was a no-brainer get an order with my ramen. They weren’t anything special but they still fulfilled my craving.

After ramen, we went Pringles-spotting. Grand Canyon Pringles anyone?

Or how about some Halloween Happiness Party Pringles for 50% off?

I’ll think I’ll take the Night Star Pringles.

Hey look, it’s an injured pinky cameo.

3 Replies to “Slayed by the field warrior…”

  1. Ha, i'll keep that in mind from now on when taking shots of the bowls. And oh yeah, I have no idea what night star is. haha.

  2. OMG I want that bowl…so pretty. Half the time I read your blog, well it's obviously to live at least gastronomically, in a sort of vicarious way through you, by viewing all the delicious lil' highlights that you ate during a given day. And yes, it's for my passionate love of all things ramen; but I'm not going to lie when I say that the other part is for the pottery porn…I mean shots…

    In my defense, we all have our fetishes and wonderful china/crockery/tableware is mine. Although, gotta ask how was the functionality in the mini pond boat attached with a paint stirrer (pic 2)as in a new form of an abstract ladle???

    just saying…

    And speaking of fetishes, I find your little “need” to show the world just what sick and twisted minds that make up the head honchos over there at Nihon Pringles are, well rather disturbing. I'll be viewing via my phone @ work, to which my co-workers wonder why I'm acting as if I have like 2 girls, one cup on my screen; to which I then say “it's worse”, then the phone gets passed around and yes, the words “sick” “twisted” and an occasional “niiiccce” follow my lil' rust colored electronic device to land in my chef's hands who ends the discussion with “Those sick bastards.”

    Just saying but “we” have to ask, what the hell is Night Star?

    & thanks for the giggles and the “shots”


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