The dragons of Fukui…

Day 89:

Shimo-Kitazawa is a cool little town and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Another popular ramen shop in the neighborhood is Chuuka Soba Ichiryu (一龍). I initially thought it was the same Ichiryu from Hakata, but apparently I was wrong. This Ichiryu hails from Fukui, which now explains why the ramen reminded me so much of Ichiriki in Tsuruga. Babbling aside, let’s check out them noodles!

Aww yes…Fukui. The memories of last September are all coming back to me now…good and bad.

This ramen was interesting. Similar to Ichiriki, yet very different. The chicken-ness stood out far too much, but not necessarily in a bad way. I know, I’m not making any sense at all.

Regardless, I still ate it all and left satisfied.

On a side note, dancyu magazine came into Ivan Ramen today to interview Ivan for an upcoming issue. I tried to take a picture of them taking pictures, but I was too busy making men.

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