The first 90 days…

Day 90:

On a snowy night in Tokyo, my first 90 days have come to an end. So what does that mean? Apprenticeship over! No, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving Ivan Ramen. I will continue to train under the master for as long as I am able to. All it means is that I will be paid more like a normal employee. A couple weeks ago while waiting to see the doctor for my sliced finger, Ivan and I finally got a chance to discuss his future, my future and how we can make it our future. He was quite impressed with my work ethic and how far I’ve come in such a short time. When I expressed the desire to move out of my bro’s house and into my own apt, he was totally cool about helping me out monetarily and mentally. Sure it’s not about the money, but I can’t live off my bro forever. So that is why I have been searching for an apt lately. I still haven’t found one to call Go Ramen! HQ but I’m working on it. With all that said, the first 90 days have been a blast! I truly am really lucky! I have the best job, the coolest boss, the most supportive family, the most caring friends, and most importantly the best audience to share my journey. Thank you for being a part of my dream!

Here’s a little recap in pictures of the past 90 days. I didn’t have much time to really spruce it up, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

9 Replies to “The first 90 days…”

  1. Thanks PudgyM29. I know you've been a loyal follower for awhile now. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'll definitely be more careful. So you coming at the end of March? Email me when you do!

  2. Aside from your finger-slicing incident (ugh ugh), you're on the correct path, Keizo.
    The world of ramen is expanding as we know it. You're near the center of the action there in western Tokyo. I intend to keep reading your blog. And I shall stop by Ivan Ramen when I go to Tokyo at the end of March.
    Just be more diligent with knives, OK?

  3. The first 90 days…that means you're officially no longer a tourist, but an actual resident of Japan! I'll lift a beer at Daikokuya tonight for you.


  4. @beruang buncit: thank u for following. i will live this ramen dream for as long as i live. promise.

    @MyLastBite: thanks Jo! i definitely will!!

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