The Bassanova Grand Tour…

Day 92: Part 2

After hanging out in Shinjuku with the usual drinking buddies, I left craving the green curry. And as I was walking down Kannana-dori towards my favorite ramen joint, my bro called to say he was on his way to Bassanova.

I arrived first and immediately ordered the green curry and a beer to satisfy my craving.

So good.

Then my bro came and ordered the green curry tsukesoba. “Dude, get your hands off my beer!”

It wasn’t very busy tonight so after chatting with Harada-san (shop manager) for a while, he invited me into the kitchen and gave me a quick little tour. The pics you see here are the giant pots used to make the tonkotsu (pork bones) soup.

I am speechless.

Thank you Harada-san!

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