Wontons outside of the forest…

Day 94:

Ever since my friend Paul closed down the Wonton Forest, I’ve been loosely searching for a comparable wonton to satisfy that yearning. Every now and then I get a craving for a good wonton ramen and today was one of those days. And as I was flipping through one of my ramen mags, I stumbled upon Tan Tan Tei in nearby Hamadayama. Tan Tan Tei has been serving a classic bowl of Shinasoba since before I was even born. Now this has got to be good, I thought.

Upon entering, I immediately ordered the Mixed Wontonmen. It’s basically an old-school shoyu ramen with both pork wontons and shrimp wontons.

The noodles are thin and straight with just the right texture for an old-school Tokyo ramen.

Oh and did I mention that the wontons are f***ing great?!! They’re not as plump as Paul’s, but they were exactly what I needed.

I’m falling asleep as I write this so I will be calling it a night. Goodnight world. See you in the am!

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