A good feeling…

Day 95:

I can’t necessarily tell you why, but I had a good feeling about today. It was one of those days where someone actually followed through with their promise. ‘You’ will probably never read this, but thank ‘you’ nonetheless.

The rest of my day was chill. Work was busy, but my coworkers and I are now like a well-oiled machine. If I think about it, it’s pretty amazing how we all work so well with each other. Since we all know how to do every job in the kitchen, we can rotate stations without disrupting the flow.

On my way home from work I decided to give Sababa another try and ordered the 汁なし (no soup) ramen, which is their #1 seller. Surprisingly, I really liked it.

Seriously, it was good, but it’s not really ramen. It’s like a yaki-ramen. Anyhow, I could probably eat this often since I love broccoli, but I won’t. haha.

Hmm…it’s only 9 pm and still early. I think a trip to Bassanova is in order…

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