9 Replies to “A great feeling…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Wow. Seriously, Bassanova keeps getting better and better looking. I am definitely hitting this the next time I'm in town. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. @Gen Kanai: thanks for visiting my blog. are u living in japan? definitely check out bassanova. u won't be disappointed!

    @edjusted: thank u master.

    @Kung Food Panda: i love u too!

  3. Found your blog via the NY Times article. Enjoying it quite a lot as I don't get to eat nearly as much ramen as I'd prefer to. You've raved so much about Basanova, it's on my list to go to asap.

  4. @Dave: Thanks! I'll take u there if ur ever in tokyo!

    @Brian: Dang! so i'm guessing u didn't wake up early.

    @G: What up! Go Bruins!! It was nice meeting you too. Come back anytime!

  5. This is G, UCLA Class of 2007. It was nice meeting you and Ivan today. Great ramen. Keep doing your thing!

  6. I caught the Shinjuku line, but when I transfered at Jimbocho, the Mita line had finished for the night. So I walked off the nights Bassanova with an hour trek at 1am. Wouldn't trade this for anything.

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