Day 97:

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books we all used to read as a kid? Well, I sort of feel like I’m living one. But if I think about it more, aren’t we all? Mine just happens to revolve around ramen. Anyhow, there may be several decisions to make in my future in order to achieve my goals and fulfill the expectations I place upon myself. It may be a long road, it may not, but the former math-major/programmer in me feels like I can rationally solve any obstacle that approaches.

Today, I finally decided on a place to live. I don’t have a move-in date yet, but I assume it will be sometime during the next two weeks. And then it will be time to let the real adventures begin…

Before heading out to work, I decided to celebrate my decision over a bowl from Jiraigen that I knew would not disappoint.

I always thought this was called Funky Chuuka Soba, but a closer look at my ticket today revealed フランキー中華そば (Franky? Frunky?). Whatever. Aside from Bassanova and Ivan, this is down-right one of my favorite ramen joints in all of Tokyo. Mostly because it’s “Japanese Soul Food” and it’s local.

Anyone know where I can get some cheap deals on furniture and appliances in Tokyo?

7 Replies to “Decisions…”

  1. @jim: thanks! i went there in january and ate way too much. i would love to go back but it's so out of the way. no prob about the s.

    @Cailin Coilleach: Thanks for the offer and the website! Have you already visited Tokyo? I'm a bit behind on replying to comments. Let me know if you're in town!

    @Chris: Thanks dude. That means a lot!

    @PudgyM29: you sir, have all the answers.

  2. > Moving

    You know? If I were even close to Tokyo the next month I'd come and help you move, even if I don't even know you :p

    > Cheap stuff

    Check out Frugalista Japan ->

    They once mentioned a website where people from Tokyo put up free or cheap stuff they're getting rid off. Kind of like a recycling group. I don't remember the name of the group though, but you'll be able to find it on the site.

    Love reading your blog. When we visit Tokyo in winter I'll be sure to grab some Ivan ramen 😉

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