Moving day…

Day 106:

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately due to sheer mental and physical exhaustion (hence the delays in my posts), but today is moving day and I’m ready to move on! Before I say anything further, I really need to thank my brother and his family for letting me stay at their pad until I got settled in. My sister-in-law has been especially helpful in translating and guiding me through all the stuff that I had no clue how to do. 姉さんありがとう!I’m sure I overstayed my welcome, but that’s what little brothers do, right?. haha. But seriously, thank you!

So this is my new pad. This is where I’ll be calling home for the next year or two…or three or four-ever? Who knows. I still don’t have a bed so I’ll be sleeping on the floor for the next couple days until I can get one delivered. My internet connection is spotty (cuz I haven’t hooked mine up yet), but I’ll manage something to keep my blog alive on a daily basis.

Since this was my day off (well sort of), instead of perusing through the latest ramen mag to see what shop to hit up next, Brian and Nate agreed to help me move. Thanks dudes! So to repay them for their labor, I took them to my local ramen joint Jiraigen. I still can’t believe neither of them have ever been there before today.
They needed to eat for themselves the ramen I once called “the best shoyu ramen I’ve ever had.” And what did they think? You’ll have to check out their blogs to find out.
I ordered mine with all the toppings for an extra 500 yen. I may not be able say that this is the best I’ve ever had anymore, but it’s still top 3 for sure. Sadly, it turns out that I’m not the only one moving. Jiraigen will be moving out of my hood at the end of the month and opening up a bigger shop in Nakano. Bummer. But at least I still have…
The pic above is a pic of Bassanova’s negi meshi (green onion rice). Okay…it’s time to keep moving….

4 Replies to “Moving day…”

  1. @dave: know exactly what u mean.

    @Cailin Coilleach: Haha thanks! I have to agree with WSP tho. If I did something different I might feel even worse. But I'll definitely try to relax from now on.

    @Wall Street Pundit: Thanks dude! How is it that you know me so well? Haha.

  2. @cailin, Keizo is living the dream and that dream is ramen where work and life serves one purpose. I disagree and do not recommend changing your format. Congrats and good luck.

  3. > Exhaustion & depression

    Hang in there!

    From reading your blog it does seem that you've totally immersed yourself in your work. Even on days off it's ramen, ramen, ramen. Obviously that's commendable! But as they say in the Netherlands: a spring cannot stay wound all the time (or else it will lose its strength). On your next day off, why not try something -completely- different that you have never done before, or that is complete unrelated to work? 🙂

    Mmm, how about a day trip to a nearby onsen? 😉

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