Part time lover…

Day 109:

So I started working at Bassanova on my days and nights off of Ivan Ramen. I wasn’t sure how to tell you about it, but I sort of hinted that last Wednesday was “sort of” my day off. As it turned out, I moved during the day and worked my first day at Bassanova that night. And this was my second night. I worked a total of 18 hours today, but I’m not gonna complain about it. I can’t even begin to tell you how good this feels. You’re probably getting sick of me saying this, but this dream just keeps getting better.

So far I’ve been given the duty of grilling all the chashu for the orders that come in. There will be more to share about Bassanova in upcoming posts, but for now I’ll just show you what we get to eat at the end of our shifts. Yup, you guessed it. Whatever we want!
And as much as we want!
Of course I had to go with the green curry ramen with two grilled pieces of meat and an egg. The above pics are of what my coworkers ate.
By the way, beginning at the end of this month, Bassanova will be open for lunch too!
More to come…

9 Replies to “Part time lover…”

  1. @burumun: indeed! one day…

    @beruand buncit: haha thanks!

    @Brian: I'll let Max know about the gaga. haha.

    @Jump7Miles: crazy maybe, but insane yes. haha.

    @la_jim: thanks dude.

    @Sofa King: ramen robot!

    @jeesung: hardcore, maybe. having fun, indeed!

    @Kung Food Panda: It's coming…

  2. Nice, I wonder how Bassanova will do during lunchtime hours. Not really a business rich part of town.

    By the way, please do something about the music in Bassanova. Lady Gaga is fun and all, but I heard poker face play 4 or 5 times during my hour there.

  3. Good for you! Oh end-of-shift meals are the best reason to choose your restaurant work place wisely, right? 😉

    Bring the green curry ramen back to LA one day ..

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