A ray of hope…

Day 112:

I woke up this morning, or should I say this afternoon, with a new appreciation for life…and a mean hangover. From what I can remember, I went out to eat with the Bassanova boss and crew and didn’t get home until 8:30 in the morning. It was a very memorable night. One that I know I’ll never ever forget. Someday I’ll share the details, but for now I’ll just share the cure…hangover cure, that is.

On my way to register my new address at the Suginami Ward Office, I passed by Hope Ken on Kannana Dori and instantly knew that this was what I needed. Around since 1938, Hope Ken’s chuuka soba is a classic.

I ordered mine with extra chashu. Smooth and creamy, the soup reminded me of something you would find in Fukui.
The curly noodles also worked their magic. And 10 minutes later I was cured.
Cured enough to begin another long night at Bassanova. Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of the kitchen. This will be my second home for 2 nights out every week.
And this is the secret tonkotsu soup that fuels the famous green curry.
For tonight’s free meal, I learned how to make this niku-mori tsukesoba. I can’t believe I actually ate a Bassanova ramen that I ate myself. Crazy!
Mmm…damn good!
This is how every night should end…

6 Replies to “A ray of hope…”

  1. @Michael: LOL. I actually read that myself before ur comment and didn't have time to correct it. Now I'll just leave it as it is

    @KFP: u too!

    @Jon Eggers: dude!! thanks for coming in! i wish we could have talked more. just finished checking out ur blog and it's awesome! we need to meet up before u leave. hit me up with an email!!

    @PudgyM29: Great prediction!

    @linh: haha thanks! that is awesome!

  2. go ramen! i found your blog through the nytimes article from a month ago, and i'm finally sitting down to look over places i want to try when i visit tokyo end of march. i've been clicking “older posts” a bazillion times, reading your entries to the point of nauseousness, but i love it.


  3. If you are wondering why Keizo has not posted an entry in this weblog since the 23rd; I would be willing to essay that it is because his _DSL internet connection at his new apartment will not go live until the 1st of March.
    Hopefully, that will occur in a few hours.

  4. Hey Keizo- stopped into Ivan today with my wife and two friends- we really enjoyed the meal! Mentioned as I was leaving that I read your blog, but probably sounded awkward- i have a hard time knowing what to say when i recognize people from the internet! ha.

    in any case, what i *should* have said to you is, thanks so much for documenting your ramen dream and adventures. You and the other ramen bloggers are awesome resources when i'm hankering for a good bowl while exploring tokyo.

    can't believe you're working at bossanova now too! that green curry bowl is something we've got on the list to try before we leave in may.

  5. “For tonight's free meal, I learned how to make this niku-mori tsukesoba. I can't believe I actually ate a Bassanova ramen that I ate myself. Crazy!”

    The zen-like recursiveness of this comment approaches perfection. Still, I bet you meant to say “…that I *made* myself.”

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