The shop of truth…

Day 115:

One of my beautiful nieces turned five today. Happy Birthday!!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend her birthday party because I was working. ごめんね。I promise I’ll make it up to you.
With a light rain falling, it was time to seek out the truth. Makotoya (makoto meaning truth), near Hachimanyama Station, is a fairly popular shop that I’ve always wanted to try since it’s on my way to work.
I ordered the special ramen with 3 toppings and fat noodles. It’s a tonkotsu-shoyu blend that is definitely porky but contained a good balance.
The fat noodles were chewy and easy to slurp. But the real star of this ramen was…
…the kakuni! Tender, moist, and full of flavor, I’ve never seen it done better in ramen before today. The egg and the chashu weren’t bad either.
Makotoya also gives out stamp cards so you can get free stuff after a number of visits. After 45 bowls you can get a free t-shirt. I don’t think I’ll ever be wearing that t-shirt.

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