In the shadows…

Day 119:

I can’t remember what the name of this ramen-ya was and I can’t seem to find it listed anywhere online, but I’ve walked by it many times on my way to and from Honancho Station. It’s located in the 商店街 (shopping street) perpendicular to Honan-dori as you walk out the East exit. I always thought about trying it, but never dared until now. And I’m glad I did.

This is “before the boom” Tokyo ramen. Simple yet satsifying. It gets straight to the point without much fanfare. Family-owned for generations, a shop like this should get its day in the light.
Sadly, these ramen shops will forever remain in the shadows of the post-boom era and may someday become extinct. Although I love how ramen chefs are exploring new ideas and taking ramen to the next level of creativity, an old school bowl like this is always refreshing.
Along with their handmade gyoza.

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