Day 120:

I met my brother for lunch in Shibuya to finally enjoy some kaiten sushi since arriving in Tokyo 120 days ago. The sushi wasn’t the best, but you can’t beat hangin’ with your bro while he buys you lunch. Come to think about it, was this the first time we actually met up for lunch too?

Afterwards, it was off to Bassanova to begin my 11-hour shift. But first, I needed some fuel to start the night. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be eating a green curry ramen in the break area of Bassanova. (Btw, those aren’t my cigs.)
I actually learned the beginning steps of preparing the green curry paste that goes into the green curry ramen. It involved pureeing a lot of onions and bell peppers. A lot! Seeing that this was green curry day, I ended the night with a green curry tsukesoba.

I almost forgot. Brian also stopped by tonight to satisfy his craving for the Tom Yum and snapped this pic. Great pic man!

If I am a conveyor of ramen, then this is my belt…

2 Replies to “Conveyor…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    I didn't get to send you an Omedetou yet, but, Omedetou! 🙂 On working at 2 awesome Ramen-ya and learning from them. 🙂

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