The bush…

Day 122:

Ever since Jiraigen left town, I’ve been roaming through my hood in search of a good shoyu ramen to fill the void. Today I just happened to come across Kusamura, which I will be calling The Bush from now on. (You can thank Rikaichan for that.)

Anyhow, The Bush is another ramen joint that serves a fairly traditional bowl. A traditional shoyu ramen that goes down smooth and is easy to slurp. It’s definitely a chicken and pork stock blended with a dashi that is moderately accented with dried sardines.
The noodles are definitely those that would exist in a bowl of nostalgic Tokyo ramen. I think I found my new favorite local ramen joint.
The chahan is great too. I didn’t have room for gyoza, but you can bet I’ll be going back for that.
I could get used to this bush.

7 Replies to “The bush…”

  1. Went there for the first time last weekend… good stuff! Their katsu curry is also awesome… probably my new favorite, with really good pork and breading that doesn't just fall off the meat.

  2. keizo-san,
    thanks for your help tonight with the photos at Bassa Nova.

    And glad Kusamura is your local too, i consider it my local….but the gyoza are diasppointing I feel….


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