A pond of bears…

Day 124:

Dinner, drinks, karaoke, 808 lounge, and a date with Bear Pond. Either I was delirious when I got coaxed into taking this picture or I was really, really drunk. Probably a combination of both. Anyhow, it was one of those nights I’ll forever remember for not being able to remember. Haha.

Bear Pond is a local coffee shop in Shimo-kitazawa and the 808 lounge uses their coffee to make kahlua-style liqueur. Apparently we were all taking turns modeling their can. By the way, let me introduce you to the next 店長 (shop manager) of Bassanova. Sorry fellas, she’s taken. But hot nonetheless. I guess I really shouldn’t talk about my future boss like that.

Anyway, I guess I should get back to talking about ramen…


4 Replies to “A pond of bears…”

  1. @Rob: definitely Hawaii themed! definitely had fun! haha.

    @Anonymous: although it would be nice if she were, she is taken by someone other than me. and she is my boss. haha. do i know you?

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