Blog love…

Day 126:

First, I need to say Happy Birthday to my mom. Thank you for being my inspiration. I can’t wait to see you and take you to all my favorite ramen joints next week! It’ll be just like old times!

Secondly, I need to give some blog love back to Momofuku for 2 for giving me some major love last Friday. Mike better be ready! 😉

Lastly, let’s just talk ramen. I stopped into Bassanova for lunch before I had to go work at Ivan Ramen and I ended up helping them out for a couple hours. As I was about to leave, a customer came in and asked if I spoke English. It turns out that he read the NY Times article and was a fan of my blog. So I introduced him to the green curry and he was pleasantly impressed.

Then I just stuck around a bit to watch my coworkers prepare for tomorrow.

It’s all about the bones…

Once again, Happy Birthday Mom!

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