Starting over and saving Bassanova…

Day 132:

So you probably guessed by now where this dream would lead next. Yup, as of today I became a full-time employee of my favorite ramen shop in Tokyo–Bassanova. To say that this was always a dream of mine is a definite understatement. In fact, I don’t think I can even begin to explain how I feel right now. For the past month, I’ve been sacrificing sleep and working two jobs in order to gradually transition for this day. And now it’s finally here! (*exhale*) I first came to Bassanova back in August 2008 and instantly became a green curry addict. (In fact, it was Ivan who first recommended that I check it out.) And over the past 19 months (as better explained by rameniac), I progressively became a “regular” and a friend to the staff. You may remember back in December how I had engaged in a conversation with Harada-san, the shop manager, and how he had decided to leave his daughter (with her blessing) in Fukuoka in order to save Bassanova from becoming extinct. Well, it’s been over a year and his daughter wants him back. But rather than leave Bassanova to just anyone, he recognized my love long ago and asked if I could help preserve the shop he worked so hard to keep atop the ramen rankings. I couldn’t imagine how heartbroken I’d be to see Bassanova close, so I accepted this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a profound yes. The time has come to pass the torch.

But of course I can’t do it alone. Harada-san (to my right) has recruited a team of three that includes myself, Komuro-san (green hat), and Sugahara-san (to her right) to continue the Bassanova legacy. It will be our responsibility, along with part-timers like Noboru Sensei (far left), to not only save Bassanova, but to take it to the next level. It will be a great challenge, especially with Harada-san leaving at the end of the month but we are all willing to accept it. With the three of us combined, our love for Bassanova will not let us fail.

Seeing that I only have two more weeks to cram as much knowledge as I can, my first day was jam-packed with information. I learned how to prep for and make the fried negi topping.

I soaked some bones.

And fried the chicken that tops the green curry ramen.

My days will be very long from now on, but this is what I live for. My love for ramen…

11 Replies to “Starting over and saving Bassanova…”

  1. Congratulations. So few people dare to dream these days–even fewer get to live their dreams. Best wishes for future successes.

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