A blow to the jugular…

Day 134:

With the signs of Spring beginning to bloom, I spent the late morning strolling through the streets of Shin-Koenji in search of a fridge and washer for my apt. The weather was so nice I didn’t even need a jacket.

That’s when I passed by 豚骨ラーメンじゃぐら. Written as Jagura in English, I’d have to agree with Ramenate that the name should probably be written as Jugular. Anyway, this nice weather was making me crave something thick.

I think I came to the right place! You can choose from three different oils (black, brown, or red) that get added to your ramen.

I ordered mine with the black. I wish I could somehow show you how thick this soup was. Next time I’ll have to take video.

Not only was it thick, it was gooood. The thick noodles added to the blow and I was ready to get knocked out.

The paprika-laced mini Asia Meshi had a nice sweetness that countered the droopiness of the ramen.

There’s also a bottle of jasmine tea that you can add to your water afterwards to flush out any clogged arteries.

Jugura did not dissapoint. Tonkotsu ramen lovers should definitely add it to their list. Someday I’ll be back to try their Cheese Cream Ramen which is limited to only 10 bowls at night.

One Reply to “A blow to the jugular…”

  1. niiiiiice dude. glad you dug it. i'd be curious to see what juglar rates on the thick-o-meter scale. we definitely need to go back to try the triple cheese sometime soon…

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