Friday the 19th…

Day 136:

It turned out to be a long night of work that ended as the sun began to cast its light upon this cheese gyudon (beef bowl) from Sukiya. We were exhausted but hungry and this was the only place open.

And then I slept for four hours only to wake up hungry again, but this time for a double teriyaki burger from Mos Burger.

Then of course my usual free dinner was waiting for me when I got to work.

This may not have been one of the healthiest of days, but it was worth it.

2 Replies to “Friday the 19th…”

  1. OK – For once (again), I should have read these posts in chronological order.
    You're now at Bassanova.
    Ehhhh boy. I wouldn't have left my first assignment that soon, but I am not you, Keizo.
    So anyway – Near which subway station is Bassanova? I'm staying in – well, it's technically Sumida-Ku; but it is five blocks from the Asakusa subway stations (Ginza or Toei Asakusa) at the Khaosan Annex hostel.
    I need to explore more ramen shacks this trip to Tokyo.

  2. Yum. Keizo, are you working at Ivan Ramen on Tuesday, 30 March? That will be my first full day in Tokyo (I'm staying at the Khaosan Annex in Asakusa {actually Sumida-Ku}, and I intend to have lots of ramen lunches.
    But I still don't know enough kanji to know exactly what it is that I am ordering from the machine. X)
    Or what is the purpose of the peach buttons above the grid of the entries? Does that select the hard-boiled egg? – I don't know.
    Please advise.

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