Support from the fam…

Day 137:

My mom is in town (Hi Mom!) and she came into Bassanova with my bro and his fam for lunch today. A big part of why I am here doing what I am doing is because of them and the support that they have given me. My days have been long, but seeing my nieces run into my arms asking for ramen makes it all worth it.

Tonight was a very long night. It was the first night that Komuro-san, Sugahara-san, and I worked without an additional 4th person. With a line out the door, the three of us scrambled to recieve orders, grill the chashu, make the ramen, wash the dishes, serve the food and drinks, and clean up after the customers. It was hectic and crazy but we did it. We survived and it felt good to do so.

You’re probably getting tired of seeing pics of Bassanova’s food by now (sorry), but I’m sure not getting tired of eating it.

4 Replies to “Support from the fam…”

  1. i've been following this blog for a year i think…. and each post come with different story

    keep posting keizo… share your dream with us…

    ps: because of your blog here, now i also following your friend nate and brian… it's fun seeing the three of you slurping together

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