Sit back and relax…

Day 138:

“Sit back and relax. Let me make you something.” That’s what my boss said when it came time for us to eat our nightly makanai (free meal).

I was afraid at first, but I have to admit that this aptly named rice burger was quite good.

“Sit back and relax. I’ll make you my specialty.” That’s what Kawagoe-san, the manager of nearby Ichiryu, said to me after inviting me to an after-work party and hearing that I never tried their ramen before.

Ichiryu has been getting some bad reviews lately, but this ramen was actually pretty awesome.

When I talked to Kawagoe-san about the bad press, he said it’s because he hasn’t been the one making the ramen lately.

That will change come April. Kawagoe-san will be manning the shop full-time in order to try and steal customers from nearby Bassanova. Haha, good luck!

“Sit back and relax. I ain’t going anywhere.” That’s what my bike said to me when the back tire refused to stay inflated.

So yeah! Wherever you are, I hope you get a chance to sit back and relax too…

One Reply to “Sit back and relax…”

  1. Ohhh! Your boss is a beautiful young woman. And she can cook! She needs her own TV show on Food Network…

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