Second chances…

Day 140:

Remember the last time I went to Onya? Well, I decided to go back to try their tsukemen while I waited for my laundry to finish around the corner.

This is probably what I should have got in the first place since their actually called Tsukemen Onya. The tsukemen wasn’t bad, but don’t ask for soup-wari cuz they use that same bloody ramen soup to dilute your tsuke-jiru.

I forgot to mention that last night was the first night where I took part in making the green curry paste. It’s a long, long process that requires constant mixing with a large 2×4 so the paste doesn’t burn. The pic below is the end product using the paste we made last night. It’s a bit spicier than the last batch, but delicious nonetheless.

Someday I’ll post my videos. You’ll be amazed…

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