A night off…

Day 147:

Today I came in early to do all the prep, so I was able to get the rest of the night off. My first night off in over a month. So what did I do with my free time? Eat ramen of course! But before I could hit the road, I had to finish making the soup. Okay it’s done. I’m out.

I’ve never really ridden my bike south of Bassanova down Kannana-dori before, but with a recommendation from Sugahara-san, I went to check out his former workplace–Tsukemen-ya Jyo.

They specialize in seafood tsukemen. Without remembering exactly what I ordered from the ticket machine, I started taking pictures of this tsukemen when it arrived. And just as I was about to dig in, the staff member pulled it out from under me saying that it wasn’t what I ordered. Talk about a tease!

A few minutes later this Kaisen Tan Tan Tsukemen arrived and from first look I was wishing I had ordered the last one.

But after a few bites, everything was in order and I was slurping up some amazing flavors.

Since I was already this far down Kannana, I also decided to check out the famed Ramen Setagaya Honten. Setagaya and the Setagaya group have been making noise in the ramen world for quite a while now. With a branch in New York and a lineage like no other, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Disappointment. With all the hype, I was expecting something much better. To be honest, I didn’t really like this ramen at all. The bitterness of the niboshi was much too strong and it overwhelmed everything.

The noodles were great, but my expectations were already dashed.

I guess I just don’t understand the hype.

2 Replies to “A night off…”

  1. Osu Keizo!

    Bummer on Setagaya. I was looking forward to trying it when I went back, but thanks for saving me the trouble. 🙂

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