A slight change of slurp…

Day 154:

On the outskirts of Okinawa Town and around the corner from where I do my laundry, resides a shady-looking spaghetti house with tinted windows. I hardly ever pass by when it’s open, but when I do the place is always packed. So while I waited for my clothes to dry, I decided to hop in for breakfast. (Yes, breakfast for me now happens around 1pm since work doesn’t end until 4am.)

Apparently the owner trained in Italy, but I can’t exactly read the Italian on this certificate.

The bacon and egg carbonara was delicious, but the store-bought noodles were disappointing. Nevertheless, I now have a local joint to fulfill my spaghetti fix.

The sakura petals are already starting to fall. Pretty soon the streets will be blanketed.

Let it rain!

One Reply to “A slight change of slurp…”

  1. The certificate says (roughly):
    “Mr. Fumitaka Yaita has participated (completed, in this sense) a course of study in the preparation and typical presentation of Italian dishes.”

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