Until we meet again…

Day 156:

After posting last night, I went to visit Kawagoe-san at Ichiryu for a bowl of Hakata-style tonkotsu and to reminisce about the past few weeks.

The ramen is tasting much better these days, but for me it’s all about the karaage. Ichiryu has some of the best karaage, especially when Kawagoe-san makes it himself.

After today, Harada-san and Yamagata-san will be heading back to Fukuoka to resume a life of hard work and determination. I got a chance to meet them one last time for lunch to say goodbye and thanks for everything. We spent a good hour at a nearby hamburger steak restaurant talking about our futures and hoping that at some point our paths will cross again. In case you were wondering, I chowed down on this mushroom and mustard sauce hamburger steak.

Good luck Harada-san! Good luck Yamagata-san! I know we’ll meet again. Call me when you open up your ramen shop in Fukuoka. I’ll be the first to come help! 頑張ってください。僕も「バサのバ」を守って頑張ります!じゃあ、また。

2 Replies to “Until we meet again…”

  1. Seriously, you've got to stop posting pictures like these, too painful that I can't get good karaage in L.A.

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