Day 157:

It was such a crazy great day I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with my afternoon walk in the park after meeting my mom for lunch. The sakura are still beautiful, but they won’t be around much longer. Everywhere you go there are petals flying gracefully through the air.

A sakura storm is a beautiful sight to see. If only the ground could be blanketed like this all year round.

Later that evening, I met up with my bro for a few drinks in Roppongi Midtown and then it was off to dinner to celebrate his birthday. His actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow but it’s Friday night and I have the day off. Time to party!

Dinner was great.

Then it was off to a new club in Ginza where my bro had free tickets.

The club was weak so we decided to get on the train and go get some ramen!

At Nishiazubu Gogyo!!

First some gyoza.

Then some tebasaki (chicken wings).

Finally, the ramen.

Gogyo is great!


Even the building agrees!

I’m such a dork. haha. Happy Birthday bro!

Off to the muse!

4 Replies to “GREAT…”

  1. we have two cherry trees in front of our house. it's pretty until you need to clean up all the fallen petals! 😉

    is that the same charred miso you had before or something else (like black garlic oil) turning the broth black?

  2. Hi Keizo,

    Sounds like you had a blast. 🙂 Was Gogyo's Ramen a Kurogoma style?

    And thank you for the great Sakura pics. I can live vicariously through you for Spring this year. 🙂

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