Green curry slave…

Day 160:

After three days of slaving over the prep for the green curry paste, I would finally get to taste the result of all our hard work. But first, I went to scope out our competition on Kannana Street. I originally wanted to try Mentsuu, but they were closed. So I reluctantly ended up next door at Koushin, which gets a whopping 3.8 (out of 100) rating on ramendb.

Yeah, it wasn’t very good. But they were open and I wanted some ramen!

Here it is. The end product of our hard work. Isn’t she a beauty?

I wish I could meet the guy who first came up with this ramen. I think I would name my first kid after him. haha.

2 Replies to “Green curry slave…”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    Is the charshu for the green curry ramen chicken or pork? In any case, the ramen looks amazing. I'm drooling and wanting so bad to fly to Tokyo just to eat it!

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