Mix-Men or Hey-Men?

Day 161:

Remember Rinki from Day 29?

Well I finally made it back to try their tsukemen. The noodles can be ordered with either Mix-Men or Hey-Men. Hey-Men is just there regular thick noodles so I decided to go with Mix-Men, a combination of both thin and thick.

After trying their ramen with mixed feelings, this tsukemen was da s***.

The interesting mix of thick and thin noodles wasn’t bad but I think it’s more of a gimmick.

The broth though was no joke. If you ever go to Rinki, stick with the tsukemen.

Meanwhile at Bassanova, we’ve been working on creating a picture menu so our customers can easily decide on what to order. For instance, here is a picture of our Niku Meshi. Would this make you want to order it?

I thought so. See you soon!

4 Replies to “Mix-Men or Hey-Men?”

  1. Hi Keizo,

    LG brought up a few good points (about wiping the bowl edge down), but overall it's a pretty good pic. 🙂

    Hope all is well.

  2. Clean your plate to the right…

    IMO, it looks sloppy that there's only one side to the plate that has sauce/grease/something something (although I'm sure it's tasty), but I feel that “that” need to be addressed. It's just not consistent with the whole photograph.

    Again, this is just constructive criticism and please feel free to ignore my opinion should you disagree.

    As for explaining, at least visually what the dish entails, it's fine. Not stylized, but it's straightforward…which is fine; if that's the intention. The other issue I have is with whatever is in the top right corner. It's not in the dish and needs to be eliminated…it's like you were capturing these images on the fly in the kitchen vs having and organized professional shoot….again IMO.

    The forward two sesame seeds are bugging me…it's like they strayed from the rest (which are predominately to the center of the dish). They also kinda look like they're falling into the center of the dish and the nori looks like uneven from the angle. And that's me being fine dining picky picky on it.

    It's just when photographing food, the harshest critic can look at a mere photograph and chip away at the dish, for any possibility of the “lack of thought” that went into a dish…that the chef just threw it on there to throw it in; not that there is in fact, a clear and concise intent behind the dish. That each ingredient has a real reason for being on the plate. Which I hope there is…

    Just saying. My friend's are totally laughing at me for my stalin/robuchon-esque criticism but you asked, so I wrote a novel. Granted I would order anything you had a hand in making, because I understand your fanaticism for your passion…but a restaurant writer/reviewer/ might not. so just saying. And um, sorry I've been MIA, I just started running the management of a kitchen on my own, so I've been missing out on the awesomeness that is your site.

    Hope I didn't go too far but I mean well I swear…


  3. Definitely. That looks amazing. The picture of the menu up there looks very daunting. For someone who can't read Japanese. Pictures is a good way to go!

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