A historic night…

Day 167:

As I was trying to catch up with all my posts last week, the celebrated rameniac hit me up on gchat to say that he was coming to Japan. It’s about frickin time!! Anyway, before I can get to our historic night, let me tell you what I did during the day.

Kumamoto Ramen Kusenbou is located just a few minutes from my house along Kannana-dori in Izumi. I never realized that there was a ramen-ya there until I just happened to walk by it for the 50th time.

The ramen is definitely Kumamoto-style with its light, creamy tonkotsu soup. I’m not a huge fan but Kusenbou does a decent job of representing.

Even their noodles scream Kumamoto. Whiter, firmer, and a little thicker than its neighboring cities, you can almost hear a slight crunch when biting into them.

For dinner I ate this awesome Shepherd’s Pie cooked by my ever-so-talented sister-in-law.

And today was also her birthday. Happy Birthday Miho!!

Afterwards, I was off to meet up with rameniac and the usual suspects (Brian and Nate) for a historic night of all of us finally being in one place at the same time.

After a few beers and sharing all of our geeky love that we have for ramen, yup you guessed it, we went to go eat ramen…at Ramen Jiro.

I actually like the Kabukicho branch of Jiro. When they ask if I want garlic, I usually say “yasai mashi, ninniku sukuname, karame.”

I’ll probably regret this later, but it’s cool.

Now let’s go get them keys!

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